Major Subject and Course Number Course Delivery Instructor Review Rating Date
MS Computer Science MIS 540 Management of Information Security online Chris Zacher Professor Zacher is great. He really cares about the students. He actually knows what he is doing. You won’t go wrong with him. 10 2023-10-20 08:20:54
DBA DATA 801 BI, Analytics, & Decision Support online Oludotun Oni 这个老师非常不错 强推!作业全给满分,上课不要求开摄像头也不提问,基本上讲一会儿就让大家去讨论了;就是一定会上到要求时长,不会提前下课,但会给多个break缓冲;总体神仙老师! 10 2023-10-20 07:59:03
MBA MKT 600 Consumer Behavior & the Decision-Making Process online Nima Salami The engagement for students are high and the professor is responsible. However the workload is a little high and professor needs a lot of attention. 7 2023-10-20 07:23:49
MBA FIN 600 International Finance online Gregory Smith 很棒,基本上只要有交作業有出席課堂,教授給分很高。上課作業就是學校規範的那些,沒有額外的。上課就是聽教授講課,非常偶爾會抽點人回答問題。 10 2023-10-20 07:20:43
MS Computer Science MIS 540 Management of Information Security onsite Tricia Williams Nice professor. DDL管的比较宽松 10 2023-10-20 07:08:28
DBA ECO 700 Business in a Global Economy onsite Omar Shabeeb Amareen 1. He usually doesn't respond to your emails until a week later. 2. There are a LOT of assignments, especially reading assignments. One of the assignments required you to read 800 pages of reports and summarize their differences. 3. The assignments are graded arbitrarily, with no advance notice of the specific requirements. Onsite Course: During the on-site session, all other professors knew what the curriculum was going to be and he said he didn't know. This resulted in our whole class not even knowing that we needed to prepare for a presentation the next day. 1 2023-10-20 06:10:45
DBA RES 702 Business Research Methods II online Simin Hojat 目前第八周结束,这个教授还可以。给分松,上课提问,但是答错她不会生气。给迟交作业的人机会。希望结束成绩还可以吧。 8 2023-10-20 05:23:43
MS Engineering Management TEM 600 Introduction to Systems Engineering onsite Brian Williams 老师打分很好 10 2023-10-20 03:08:21
MBA MKT 600 Consumer Behavior & the Decision-Making Process online PeterMax Miller 很慈祥的老爷爷 给分巨高 不需要开摄像头 作业很轻松 10 2023-10-20 02:55:01
MBA MTH 600 Descriptive Statistical Inference for Business online Reuben Onyancha The professor is really kind and responsible. It is the first class that I actually learned a lot at Westcliff. However, beware that the assignments are really difficult and it takes much time to finish them every week. 7 2023-10-20 02:44:08
MBA LDR 500 Organizational Leadership online Cynthia Azari easy points for assignments 9 2023-10-20 02:42:20
MBA INT 501 Graduate Internship online Steven Owlett 作业给分超极低 碰到就跑吧… 1 2023-10-20 02:41:21
MBA LDR 500 Organizational Leadership online Tracy Foote 老师比较负责,课程难度适中 8 2023-10-20 02:39:19
MBA ITPM 602 Project Schedule Management online James Bayliff strict but good grading 8 2023-10-20 02:38:52
DBA RES 701 Doctoral Prospectus online John Hannon 老師人不錯,但打分沒標準,就比較隨心。Participation 分數和你有沒有參與沒有關係,discussion 打分很緊,你跟他的format 去寫,他每次comment 你錯的東西也不一樣,莫名其妙。 7 2023-10-20 02:33:48
MS Information Technology MIS 540 Management of Information Security onsite Chad Hinden Wonderful Professor. Save so much time! The professor is reasonable and assigns relatively little homework. Generally, each class begins with the viewing of a video, followed by a period of group discussions within the classroom. Finally, each group presents their insights or findings. The process is very hassle-free. 10 2023-10-19 02:17:46
MBA LDR 603 Leading Across Boundaries online Oday Alnabhan 大sb,避雷。作业要求高,给分低,每节课都额外私下布置作业邮件交。上课自己讲20%,剩下全是讨论,必须上满三小时还嫌时间不够。每个学生每学期还要做一个chapter的ppt+30min solo presentation,全是syllabus以外的任务。 1 2023-10-17 05:06:12
MBA MKT 500 Marketing Management online Rojelio (Roy) Vasquez 这个老师非常好,非常推荐, 上课比较轻松, 按时考勤, 按时交作业,就可以得到好的分数了, 强力推荐 10 2023-10-13 03:23:43
DBA FIN 700 Financial Risk Management online Xi Bai Excellent professor. Taught useful and practical financial knowledge. Very reasonable grading. 10 2023-10-04 13:15:28
DBA MGT 700 Managing People and Organizations online Schahrzade Rezvani Best professor I've encountered here. Rich in knowledge and experience. Great expression. She showed sincere respect to students. 10 2023-10-04 13:12:56
Major Subject and Course Number Course Delivery Instructor Review Rating Date