Major Subject and Course Number Course Delivery Instructor Review Rating Date
Data Analytics, Executive MS CT 6445 Visual Analytics online Susan Marine Some reading every week, homework is reasonable load 9 2023-12-28 11:21:27
Data Analytics, Executive MS CT 6535 Python and Data Analytics online Kris Brinch The videos are straightforward, the amount of homework is about right. I do learn a lot from the course. 10 2023-10-27 08:30:48
Others 其他 PM 5135 Professional Communication and Research online Raymond Hebert Lots of reading (2 textbooks for this course) and they are not fun to read (dry content). Discussion posts (25%) every week and writing assignments (20%) almost every week. Grading is very strict - must meet the grading rubric criteria in order to score. For example, you won't earn full points on discussion if you do not 'advance the conversation' by asking a question or offering a counter argument. The instructor is also very strict on citation format (since this is a writing course). The instructor does provide grading feedback for each assignment so you know where you can improve. There are a few multi-choice quizzes (15 %) and they are pretty easy. 4 2023-10-27 04:45:20
Others 其他 PM5115 Leading People & Projects online Kurt Stuke Reading assignments are not too heavy. The textbook is not boring to read, and the instructor provided some online videos that kind of summarize that week's assigned reading. Discussion posts (1/3 of course grade) every week and a writing assignment (1/3 of course grade) every other week (approximately). Grading is fair (i.e., not too strict), and the instructor will provide detailed feedback for each assignment so that you address any issues. 8 2023-10-27 04:37:05
Data Analytics, Executive MS CT 6910 Machine Learning online Komalpreet Kaur All assignments for this course are group assignments, and you cannot form teams freely. The workload is heavy, and it's common for two people to complete the work of four people because there're always two people who are not doing anything. The teacher's requirements are very strict, and the grading is particularly harsh, however the instructions are not very clear. Sometimes you might need to resubmit to get a better score. 4 2023-04-18 05:40:41
Data Analytics, Executive MS CT 6535 Python and Data Analytics online Kristoffer Brinch This course has relatively little homework, the homework instructions are very clear, and the tutorial videos are also worth watching. You can learn a lot from it. 8 2023-04-18 05:32:36
Business Administration, Executive M.B.A. AC 5255 Accounting for Leaders online Bryan Bouchard Professor Bryan is very nice and respects the students. The online Zoom course has a total of 8 hours. In each class, the professor will check class attendance twice before and after 5 minutes of the middle break. Professor Bryan explains the knowledge points of the course very specifically and asked questions to interact with the students halfway. The assignment setting is very adequatable. It is mainly divided into two parts: the weekly discuss board and the practise to related exercises. I can not only consolidate the knowledge points I learned that week, but also practice critical thinking and discuss problems with my classmates. I didn't know anything about accounting at all before the course, but now I learned a lot through the course. 8 2023-01-11 06:29:42
Business Administration, Executive M.B.A. MG 5415 Organizational Communication for Leaders online Paul Richardson Many (6) mini assignments (2-5pages paper); research paper (12pages); book review paper (10pages); feeling always writing papers; strict professor, I don’t like him 1 2022-10-29 10:15:32
Major Subject and Course Number Course Delivery Instructor Review Rating Date